Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Money Tree

I think most of us heard the expression, “Do you think money grows on trees?”

If you ever tried to plant money in the soil, you discovered that the paper money didn’t like to be watered and just fell apart and the coins corroded, turning green or black.  So how does one grow money?

Planting money seeds can be accomplished by writing.  The words are the seeds that contain the nutrients.  As the tree grows and blossoms, it produces fruit.  Selling the fruit can either be in fixed locations, by word of mouth, or the Internet There are people who don’t want the producer to succeed and throw harmful material on the plants to inhibit its growth; however with plenty of water, sunshine and good maintenance, the tree will grow.

The money tree begins with thoughts that germinate.  Turning those seeds into words can produce the fruit of entertainment or enlightenment.  Cultivating the money tree is required to rid weeds of negativity that inhibit plant growth.

Once your fruit is harvested and ready for the market, it is dressed with a nice cover that appeals to the hungry reader.  If the fruit is rotten or full of blemishes, it won’t sell.  Fresh fruit should be marketed while it is still fresh. You may also want to mention that it was not sprayed with toxic material - that your fruit is ripe, delicious, and satisfying to the soul.  Your soul food can feed empty minds or minds in need of nourishment. 

Once you have planted your seeds, your garden requires maintenance.  The weather (economy) can affect your crop.  Sometimes it is necessary to protect your plants from the storms, and that requires more work.   A bountiful harvest is largely dependent on the care/maintenance you give it.     
Your reputation for producing good fruit will spread and the next harvest will be more successful.  Customers will want your produce.  It may require you to plant more trees to quench their appetite. 

Of course, there will be nothing to harvest if you don’t plant.  And once planted, cultivation is required.  Remember also that some plants take longer to grow.  Don’t be impatient.  Fruit tastes better when ripe.