Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Unresolved Dilemma

The unresolved dilemma between Israel and Palestine continues to affect the world in various ways. It spawns terrorist activity, creates economic instability in world markets, drains financial resources and even influences elections. Numerous peace plans and proposals have been offered for consideration but none have achieved their purpose.

With all the attention by past American presidents to resolve the problem, why haven’t they succeeded? Intransigence is just one reason. Failure to enforce UN Resolutions is the biggest failure. UN Resolutions are enforced on other countries, when it suits, but ignored when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian problem. Are we even-handed? Do we enforce the rule of law fairly or only when it is politically expedient?

My novel, “They Plotted Revenge Against America,” deals with unlawful acts by America and by American supported Israeli aggression that caused deaths to loved ones.

The desire for revenge is so strong that a mission is planned to punish America.

There is a solution for the stalemate, to end injustice, and to halt the need for terrorist acts of revenge.

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  1. One problem is...

    The Israelis have long wanted as object peace and security in their country. Their policy of suppressing the Palestinans has been applied for almost 60 years to that object.

    It has not worked!

    Their suppression created a breeding ground for the PLO, Hamas and Hezbollah...