Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why should I care? Am I my brother's keeper?

Why should I care if people don’t have health care?  I did my pro-life duty by seeing that a seed planted in the uterus has a chance to grow and create a new life.  What happens to the child afterward is not my problem.  I’m not my brother’s keeper.  Children are born with equal rights.  Just because they grow up and can’t get a job to support themselves, is not my problem.  If they get sick it’s because they didn’t take care of themselves.  They deserve what they get.  To care for them is socialism. To give help to those in need is socialism.  We’re a capitalist society.  You make your own way.  We can’t protect everyone. Why do we need a police force?  People can get a gun and protect themselves.  We must protect our freedom to do what we want to whomever we want.  Why would a country take care of its citizens?  That is socialism and socialism is evil. 
Then there’s the fairy tale about a man who healed the sick. Why would he want to do that?  Then he went so far as to feed the hungry.  Why would he do that?  Did he not know that was socialism and socialism is evil? 
Health care is for those who can afford it.  If you can’t, that’s just tough. Am I my brother’s keeper? 

(Sarcastically posted)

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